Dr. Elliott presented on standards involvement and academia at the 40th SPAB conference. The following presentation was part of the panel discussion.

Over the past two years, we have noticed that searches on biometrics and healthcare have increased on our website. Although these keywords do not show yet in Google Trends, healthcare and security do. At the recent Biometrics Consortium conference in Tampa, FL. there was a track on biometrics and healthcare. Recently, Indiana University

Mendeley allows you to organize and share research papers. We have started to upload our bibliography to Mendeley and you can subscribe.

Three of our members attended the 7th International Conference on Information Technology and Application (ICITA 2011) last week in Sydney, Australia. Mike presented his paper titled Image Quality, Performance, and Classification – the Impact of Finger Location and Kevin presented his work on The Impact of Gender on Image Quality, Henry Classifications, and Performance on…

Within the span of five weeks, Mike Brockly, a senior industrial technology major from Griffith, Ind., will have presented two research papers on two continents. It all started with a required 300-level biometrics course: IT 34500 (Automatic Identification and Data Capture). “I didn’t even know what it meant,” he said about the class. “Once we…

From Hong Kong. We had two posters in the ICHB 2011 conference, one with Mike Petrelli, and the other with Dr. Kim from INHA University.

Dr. Stephen Elliott discusses Biometric Error at the 4th Annual Biometrics for National Security and Defense. The talk includes: • Current research efforts on error rates and performance • Overview of Human Biometric Sensor Interaction • Evaluation techniques to assess HBSI errors of different subsystems • Discussion of case studies • Improvements to training, workflow…

During the IEEE Conference, we will be hosting a lab day in San Jose. We’ll come to your site and give a customized presentation about our research, lab, and online programs. If you are interested in scheduling a time during the October 2, 3, and 4, please complete this form.

Week 2 for the online students continued with the fundamentals of biometrics, following the IEEE CBP body of knowledge. Learning objectives included: * Definitions and general history * Introduction to biometric systems * Biometric applications * Biometric functionality * Fundamental enabling technologies This module builds on the first module by exmaining the definitions and background…

Dr. Stephen Elliott presented on the Human Biometric Sensor Interaction at the 2nd Annual Identity Management for DoD & Government, Washington, DC.

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